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You have reached an educational tool in English, made for anyone who wants to learn The Kalix Language.

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Well, here we are a little different (do it in another way)...
ʝɑɑ, hɪn ʝɒɾa ɪ gɾøøʉt ɑ:ɾʊlʊtʊ
Well here are we a little different

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Listen to a sound clip by simply clicking the PLAY button. Try to repeat exactly what you hear, speaking out loudly. When you think that your pronunciation is perfect, try speaking in total synchronization with the voice, at the same time. Don't worry if you have to listen a dozen times to the same sentence before you can pronounce it, that's perfectly normal. Most of the sound material is recorded on site, so don't fret about background noise from wind, coffee cups, hum or laughs, it just tells us how fun we have in Kalix. Language is all about the identity and feeling of the very moment...

You can begin with any material you find interesting. We have made a series of first lessons you might want to start with. To help you understand the details, the first lessons have also been translated word by word.

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