Kalix Language for children

Do you have children? Learning a second, third or even fourth or fifth language fluently is a piece of cake for children up to 12 years. If you are a parent with connections to Kalix, but are not a Kalix Language speaker yourself, or maybe you have ancestors who once spoke The Kalix Language, we recommend you to make sure your children learn it. We all must admit that Kalix is not such a big place in the world, and we are not so many people over here. But it is an identity for anyone with connections to Kalix to know the language properly, something to be proud of even if we nowadays spread out all over the world and speak many languages, and you never know when you bump into someone from Kalix! So make sure your children does not loose their identity and pride by not properly learning their own language.

The Kalix Language Community have plenty of fluent speakers who can make sure your children learns perfectly pronounced Kalix Language. We are organizing activities under normal child care at day time for working parents, or afternoon activities after school. Picture books and other study material is under development, with names of animals and plants, clothes and food, also rhymes and chants for children, songs etc. We have plenty of pedagogical activities for your child, but the most classical pedagogy of all, just speaking a lot, works as fine as ever before.

Please contact anyone in the board of the Kalix Language Community and tell them that you want your child to learn. Proper daycare is right now under development, but a few hours now and then is always possible.