Memorial & Acknowledgments

June 25th 2010

This web site and educational tool have been released on June 25th 2010. Let the saga begin...


The Kalix Language educational tool is dedicated to all the Kalix Language speakers who unfortunately died before knowing about it. Thank you for your time on this planet, and Rest In Peace, your mother tongue will never be forgotten.


Many thanks also go out to members of the Kalix Language community, who have worked for decades with exploration of the language and development of an extensive reference library and word list. This work will be continued. Thanks to everyone who has helped me produce this tool, once I start to name you all, I will inevitable forget someone, I'm sorry in advance.

Sten Rönnberg, Holger Berlin Bengt Enström, Carl-Gösta Johansson, Axel Hansson, Olov Hansson, Olle Björkman, Arne Lindgren, Rut Lindgren, Rolf Lindgren, Herbert Häggström, Ingrid Widestig, Lars Häggström, Per Enström, Elsie Nilsson, Karl Söderholm, Enar Larsson RIP

Rutger Rönnbäck

Evert Nilsson, Jörgen Wennström, Thorwald Nybom

Jan-Erik Larsson, Bengt-Arne Johansson, Erik Sundström

Arne Nybom

Holger Öberg, Åke Jönsson

Maj Nilsson

Lennart Larsson, Ann-Mari Andersson, Josefina Andersson, Lena Bäckström, Iris Bäckström RIP, Hans Bäckström RIP

Herbert Andersson, Hedvig Andersson, Lennart Andersson

Bengt-Göran Nilsson

Harry Öqvist, Ivan Wennström, Peder Nilsson, Adrian Wennström RIP

Wivan Rönnbäck, Karl-Bådo Johansson

Ester Rönnqvist, John Spets

Börje Isaksson RIP, Ernst Lundbäck RIP

Ivar Nilsson, Yngve Lind RIP, Åke Sandberg, Eskil Sandberg

Ola Karlsson, Sten Karlsson, Knut Nilsson, Gunvor Lundbäck

Tora Strand, Sigge Johansson, Göran Johansson

Kerstin Johansson, Tage Sundvall

Alexander Lindgren, Harry Nilsson, Erling Lundbäck, Beda Wikström, Alf Wikström,

And everyone I have forgot to mention...


ɒn ɪpɪgɔɭɒskaɾ bʊɖɪ bɒndɛʂbœʏnʊ