Why the Kalix Language?

To fit a long story in one page ...

Kalix is definitely not one of the large metropolitan areas on earth. Nor is our language widely spoken outside of Kalix, except by a few emigrants and travelers every now and then. We must admit, compared to English, the Kalix Language is not a language of major importance in the world, but we can not care less. We are proud speakers of our mother tongue, with roots back to Proto-Norse, spoken by ancestors to Vikings, surviving century after century of freezing Scandinavian winters. They found their way across vast distances, finally reaching the land of the midnight sun, the land of polar auroras, our beloved river valley, our place on mother earth.

The aim with this educational tool is to make our language available, with material on all levels, so that regardless of pre-knowledge, anyone could learn it, maybe make friends with some of our native fluent speakers, and discover something new in life. We speak our language with deepest respect to other inhabitants of Sápmi, dwelling this land milenniae before us, our friends and neighbors for hopefully milleniae to come.

Some people think that life would be easier if everyone all over the world just spoke the same language. This might be true, but an easy life is not always a good life. People would rather soon listen to the same news, eat the same food, wear the same clothes and laugh at the same jokes. We think this sounds like a utterly boring mono-culture world, where all genuine cultures have died out. Instead, the more different languages we speak, the more there are to learn, the more jokes there are to laugh at, the more ways there are to talk about love, and the more interesting and rich the world becomes.

So, in all, the reason why we are developing this educational tool is because we, the authors, want to make the world richer, by making our language available. It is a part of our origin, and our culture cannot be understood in any other way. We are but human beings, living with laughs as well as sorrows, deep thoughts as well as twaddle, and by opening our mouth and uttering our words, we are keeping alive centuries of memories for centuries to remember.

The only part missing might be you. Have you ever been to Kalix? Now you have at least a few phrases to say to the genuine locals over here. We wish you a happy life time learning and speaking our language. Or should we already call it YOUR language?