Contribute to our work

(Please explain these contents to anyone you think might be able to help, but does not understand English.)

We must make interviews with our elderly, and ask them about what they remember from their childhood and what their parents and grandparents did, stories from before, so that we can tell them to our children in the future.

Even if you don't speak the Kalix Language yourself, you can contribute to our work anyway. Any kind of discussion is valuable, so you can't really fail trying to do this. You might even be better off leaving two speakers of Kalix alone and let them talk while you are not there! You can help a lot by just bringing them together and putting some recording equipment in place.

We have small mobile recording units that you can borrow, or you can buy one yourself, e.g. Edirol R-05 (long battery life), or Zoom H2. Or you can use a video camera!

Four or five people at a time might be too much, while too many voices at a time might make it impossible to hear what one person wants to say, so try getting small groups together. Also talk for several hours, while it often takes an hour to "get into the mood".

Load your equipment with fresh batteries, and bring some fruits and water to drink, or coffee, but remember that coffee cups might make a lot of disturbing noise.

Make sure our elderly can meet in some place, e.g. pick up two with your car and bring them over to a third. Convince everybody to agree being recorded, because they have very important stories to tell.

Find an undisturbed room with a table and some chairs, preferably turn off clicking clocks, TV/Radio and other disturbing sounds, shut windows if it is noisy outside.

Make sure that all non-speakers of The Kalix Language leaves our Masters in peace talking for hours.

Start the recording equipment and just place it on the table. You can switch it to HOLD mode, so it does not shut off is someone accidentally press a button.

After all, make sure everybody comes safely home, and make backups of your recording.

Other work than making interviews

There are many other ways you can contribute. Sound editing, translation, transcription, etc. You can start with transcribing any of the not yet transcribed clips on this web site, using the Kalix Alphabet. We also want to make a short film, so if you are into digital media technology, we are crying for your help.